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TimeClock Plus Feedback Tab

Pin Entry

Allow your employees to clock in and out by entering their ID number

Card Swipe

Time Clocks equipped with magnetic, bar code, or prox readers to read badges

Fingerprint Biometrics

Allow your employees to clock in by placing their finger on a scanner

Hand Scanners

Allow your employees to clock in by placing their hand on a scanner


Allow your employees to call a phone number to clock in


Additional hardware components for your TimeClock Plus system

Employee TimeClocks

In addition to an intuitive WebClock, the TimeClock Plus RDTg provides an alternative to PC clocking with a clock on the wall. The RDTg Touch is a highly intelligent addition to our industry-leading concept of real-time labor tracking featuring a new touch-screen interface. The 400 Series RDTg features Fallback Mode to seamlessly allow employees to continue to perform clock transactions during network downtime. To learn more about how the RDTg can work for you, contact an Account Executive today at 800-749-8463.

Key Features