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TimeClock Plus Express

A TimeClock Solution Designed for Small Businesses

TimeClock Plus® Express is designed for organizations with simple time and attendance needs. Tracking employees’ punches, monitoring attendance, and controlling unnecessary overtime are just a few of the benefits Express has to offer. While providing real-time employee labor tracking, TimeClock Plus Express brings you a time and attendance solution in the easiest, most reliable, and adaptable way – just as it should be.

Web-based Time and Attendance Applications

One of the biggest advantages to using TimeClock Plus is that very little is required for the employees and managers to access the application. It’s as easy as opening up a web browser and following a link.

With TimeClock Plus OnDemand, there is no install required and no need to worry about maintaining installations on all of the computers within your network. (Your IT staff will thank you!)

Managing time and attendance information has never been easier.


Clock in and out, view hours, and change jobs with just a few clicks of the mouse done right from a kiosk or the employees’ own computers.


Choose from 8 adjustable Payroll reports.

Employee Status

Allows a real-time snapshot of who is currently clocked in, clocked out, on break (and for how long), on leave, and absent.